Can I order a custom diaper? No. While I may occasionally offer slots for custom diapers, I am not offering custom diapers on a large scale at the moment.

What is this white/blue/purple mark on my new diaper?! Don't worry! Any marks you see on your brand new diapers are from my water soluble sewing markers. I use it to mark elastic placement and embroidery placement. They will wash out when you initially prep your diaper. 

What types of diapers do you make? Itsy Stitches diapers are pockets, which are cloth diapers that have a water proof outer, a stay-dry jersey inner, and a little opening in the back to "stuff" the absorbent core into. I offer both one size diapers and newborn diapers.

Can you make my diaper as a cover/AIO/etc? 
I'm sorry, the only style I currently is pockets! AI2 diapers are coming soon. 

How do I prep your diapers? I recommend washing once in hot water with cloth diaper safe detergent and no fabric softener, and then drying on HIGH for 20-30 minutes before the first use. After that, the pocket shells should be hung to dry to extend the life of the PUL (polyurethane laminated) fabric and the elastic. My inserts are made with cotton/bamboo and must be washed and dried 6-8 times before they are fully absorbent.

Are there any special care instructions for my Itsy Stitches? Please refer to the tag on the inside of the diaper for washing and care instructions. For longevity of your diaper elastics and PUL, please hang to dry. If you must use a dryer, please only dry on the lowest heat, and only long enough for the shells to dry. Do not use the diapers until they are completely cool from the dryer. While bleach can be used according to Fluff Love & CD Science’s stripping routine, please take care when bleaching embroidered diapers, as it may change the color of the thread and/or applique fabric.